Welcome to The Spirit of Christmas Society!  This is a new tradition to welcome children, of any age, to the Spirit of Christmas.  We have a fun way to make the transition of discovery to be more closely involved with the spirit of the holiday.

This transition of discovery can be difficult for children and their parents.  Remember how great you felt when you were younger and began to better understand the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas? When you began to understand what was meant by it being better to give than receive.

What is this NEW tradition all about, it’s about creating a new memory. Everyone gets to share about their discovering the true meaning, how to keep the sparkle, and to experience life-long memories. We are all Guardians of The Spirit of Christmas.

Join us!

We hope that you enjoy being part of the Spirit of Christmas Society!

How it Works

Membership Benefits

  • Membership Certificate
  • Periodic emails newsletter
  • Recognition at local, state and regional events
  • Association with like-minded individuals from different areas of the world

Membership Eligibility

  • Any individual
  • All ages welcome
  • Any person that has the desire to support The Spirit of Christmas Society

Membership Requirements

  • You enjoy celebrating the season
  • As a Guardian you choose to protect The Spirit of Christmas

Paid Memberships

  • A one-time Individual Membership Fee of $24.99