The Man With The Booming Voice

2 Jan 2017 Cheryl Denver, Colorado

I’ll never forget the first time I heard those horrible words….”There is no Santa Claus!” I was 4 years old and sitting in church with my family. Christmas was just a few days away, and I was drifting off into a pleasant daydream about Christmas and Santa Claus, mostly to escape the booming voice coming from the front of the church. Our priest had cold eyes, never smiled, and preached continuously about the hell fire that awaited us terrible sinners. Obviously, I learned to tune him out at an early age. My reverie was rudely interrupted by the booming voice….”THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!” My head snapped up, and I was so confused I never heard the collective gasps from all of the adults. The voice continued, “THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY!” He couldn’t be serious!
In my confusion I glanced at my mother and saw the look of shock and horror on her pretty face. That’s when I knew the truth. I knew why the man with the booming voice had such cold eyes, and never smiled. And I knew why he didn’t believe in Santa Claus–because he had no faith. But I had all the faith in the world.
Satisfied, I sat back in my pew and returned to my musings. I almost felt sorry for the priest, thinking it must be terrible to have no faith, and to not believe in the miracle and magic of Christmas. After mass, my mother bolted from our pew followed by a dozen other young mothers to have a word with the priest. Maybe they wanted to explain to him that there really was a Santa Claus. Good luck with that–it appeared his mind was made up.
I still do believe in Santa Claus. And the Easter Bunny. And the Tooth Fairy. I believe in the magic of childhood. I also believe in the mystery and the reality of that which we cannot see, but know in our hearts exist. I also believe that our priest was an idiot who was determined to steal everybody’s joy and make them as miserably unhappy as he was. But, he failed miserably. Because he didn’t count on the faith of a child.
Merry Christmas!

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